Anise's Cabin is a small dwelling in Falkreath Hold. It is located south of Bleak Falls Barrow and west of Riverwood. Anise can be found here, gardening or simply sitting by the cabin's entrance.


There are harvestable leeks, cabbages, potatoes, and mountain flowers outside. Because of the crafting facilities in the basement, this location may also serve as a useful house/storage area at earlier levels. There is also a respawnable gold bag, as well as a bed in the house which will become available if Anise is killed. Even after her death, however, any items taken from the cabin will still be classed as stolen.


Near her bed is a trapdoor to her cellar. In it can be found Anise's Letter to Helgi, which reveals Anise to be a witch. Anise's relation to Helgi is unknown; however, it is known that Anise and Helgi are both of magical talent and wish to start a coven in the forest of Falkreath, where Anise's cabin resides. Upon exiting the cellar, Anise will become hostile.

Notable itemsEdit

General LootEdit

Alchemy ingredientsEdit


In the basement is an Alchemy Lab and an Arcane Enchanter.



  • After leaving the basement, if the Dragonborn leaves the area without killing Anise, she will forever be hostile, attacking every time the Dragonborn shows up.
  • Note that everything in Anise's cabin will be marked as stealing even after you have killed her.
  • If Anise is killed, three hired thugs may be sent to kill the Dragonborn from Moira, Anise's Hagraven sister.
  • The paralysis potion in the basement is always "Potent" grade (which starts to appear around levels 20+), even if the player is level 1 when visiting the cabin.


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