"Smell the desperation? That's your clue that another Pardoner's Brawl is about to start!"
―Announcer Yeldan[src]

Announcer Yeldan is the Arena announcer of the Kvatch Arena.


The Roar of the CrowdsEdit


  • "Let the games begin!"
  • "What's this? New challengers have entered the arena! Cheer or boo, it's up to you!"
  • "The challengers stand victorious! Hold on, the Arena Master is signaling for a main event. Now the real contest begins!"
  • "Challengers, prepare to face the champions of the Kvatch Arena-the Order of the Hour!"
  • "I don't believe it! The challengers have bested the Order of the Hour champ-no, I spoke too soon!"
  • "Knight Commander Panthius demands to meet these challengers in battle!"
  • "Knight Commander Panthius and his enforcers will lay down the law and the penalty is death!"
  • "They've done it! They've dropped the axe on Knight Commander Panthius!"