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Race Bosmer
Gender Male
Level 6
Class Scout
Faction Whiterun
Services Merchant
Ref ID 0001A680
Base ID 00013B97
"Do you hunt? The plains outside Whiterun are ripe with game."

Anoriath is a Bosmer hunter and merchant in Whiterun.


Anoriath is the brother of Elrindir and also the co-owner of The Drunken Huntsman. Elrindir works the counter at The Drunken Huntsman, whereas Anoriath sells hunting goods and meats in the market just outside of The Bannered Mare. He is a possible target or victim in The Companions quests, "Hired Muscle" and "Rescue Mission". He is also the target in the  Dark Brotherhood quest "Contract: Kill Anoriath". If he dies, his coffin can be found in the Whiterun Hall of the Dead.

If the Dragonborn kills him or his brother, the surviving brother may send hired thugs to avenge the killing.


Anoriath is generally friendly when interacted with and seems to be a keen huntsman, as suggested when he tells the Dragonborn that he hunted all of the game he sells at his stall himself, and that it is 'fresh from the wilds', even though it is rare to see him or his brother outside of Whiterun.

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  • "Finest cuts, fresh from the wilds!"
  • "Tired of bread and stew? Had enough of fish and fowl? Treat yourself and your kin to a choice cut of steak or a tender rack of ribs."
  • "Try the venison - it's delicious."


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