Not to be confused with Alcaire.

The Fiefdom of Anticlere, formerly known as Reich Gradkeep, is a coastal region on the north coast of the Iliac Bay, in southern High Rock.

In the north, the region borders Daenia and Urvaius. In the west it borders Shalgora, and also has a small eastern border with Dwynnen. The regional capital is the city of AnticlereMara is the main deity worshipped in the regio, and the predominant vampire bloodline is Haarvenu family. The Knights of the Flame are the noble warriors of Anticlere. They have unquestioned loyalty to the Lord and Lady Flyte. In return, they are treated almost as gods by the citizens.


Merethic EraEdit

Anticlere was the first point in mainland Tamriel to be reached by Aldmer in the Merethic Era.[1]

First EraEdit

The region has a long history of conflict, stretching back to the First Era. The earliest known such conflict was the Battle of Duncreigh Bridge against Sensford, a neighboring hamlet. The citizens of Anticlere celebrate each anniversary of the battle by marching down Sensford's main streets, which often results in fight between the citizens of Sensford and Anticlere and many injuries on both sides.[2]

Third EraEdit

During the War for Betony, Anticlere was a neutral party. Before the conflict it was known as Reich Gradkeep. Lord Graddock, the lord of Reich Gradkeep, tried to create a peace treaty between Daggerfall and Sentinel. The Treaty of Reich Gradkeep was nearly signed, but King Camaron, feeling he had been tricked, rejected the treaty at the last moment. Lord Graddock and his entire family were killed, except for one sick infant. Lord Auberon Flyte was invited by the councilors to rule Reich Gradkeep as a regent until the infant came of age. He ruled Reich Gradkeep in a strong, almost dictatorial manner. His ways were just what was needed to restore order to the province after the Treaty of Reich Gradkeep. After the infant heir had died, Lord Auberon and Lady Doryanna Flyte were elevated by their loyal subjects from regents to rulers. They even renamed the lordship Anticlere, after Flyte's ancestral home.[3][4]

After the Warp in the West, Anticlere became the border between Daggerfall and Wayrest.



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