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Antiochus Septim (3E 51 - 3E 119) was the seventh monarch to rule the Empire of Tamriel during its third age. Due to being neglected by his parents, Antiochus became known to many Imperials as a drunkard and womanizer by the age of sixteen. He was crowned Emperor of Tamriel, at the age of forty-eight,[1] in 3E 99 after his father, Pelagius Septim II, died. Antiochus was one of the most flamboyant of the usually austere Septim family; he had many mistresses and several wives, and was renowned for his grandness of dress and strong sense of humor.[2]

During his rule, the province of Summerset Isles was almost lost in 3E 110, when an alliance of Imperial forces and the Kings of the Summerset Isles had only just managed to defeat King Orgnum of Pyandonea due to a freak storm. Legend credits the Psijic Order of the island of Artaeum with the magic behind the storm. This was the most notable of wars in a reign rife with such conflicts.[2] Antiochus died in 3E 119 and was succeeded by his daughter, Kintyra II.[3]



Empire of Tamriel
Pelagius Septim II 3E 99 - 3E 119 Kintyra Septim II

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