"What have I done for the gods to take me so far from my beloved Daggerfall?"
―Anton Virane[src]


Anton Virane is a Breton chef in Understone Keep.


Originating from High Rock, Anton Virane serves as the chef for Understone Keep in Markarth. He is also a minor merchant and sells food items, like the innkeepers.

He studied cuisine with The Gourmet, the chef famous across Tamriel for his cookbook Uncommon Taste, and keeps a signed copy of the book on his nightstand.


When spoken to, he talks about being a Breton in The Reach. He also states he was born in High Rock and is not affiliated with the Forsworn.

Recipe for DisasterEdit

As a friend of The Gourmet, Anton is targeted by the Dark Brotherhood for the whereabouts of the famous chef. The Listener is sent to interrogate Anton about The Gourmet's location. After some intimidating, he revealed that the Gourmet is an Orc hiding out at the Nightgate Inn.

The Listener then has the option to dispose of the chef violently, as to cover any tracks. If the Listener does not kill Anton and travels directly to Nightgate Inn to kill the Gourmet, and then returns to Festus Krex to tell him that the Gourmet is dead, Krex will say that he heard that Anton is still alive and that the Listener needs to go back and kill him.


"Before you say anything, no, I'm not from the Reach."

You're not from the Reach? "No. I'm a Breton from High Rock, and I refuse to be mistaken for a filthy native. I don't care if we share the same ancestors, these people are savages. Half of them are Forsworn barbarians, and have you seen what they eat? What have I done for the gods to take me so far from my beloved Daggerfall?"
So you're from Daggerfall, then? "Yes. The finest court in all of High Rock. You think politics here are something? Well, we Bretons invented politics. That is where I learned to cook, and where I belong. Not here, with all these dogs."

"Now if you'll excuse me...


  • "I have meals to cook for the entire castle, and almost no help."
  • "The Jarl give me two incompetent assistants. Worthless."


Anton: "Voada, you spilled laundry water in the soup pot again! Do I need to cut off your fingers to teach you a lesson?"
Rondach: "You touch her and I swear it'll be your fingers that go missing, you stupid Breton!"
Anton: "What was that?"
Voada: "Now, now, brother, Rondach was just being his usual gloomy self, he didn't mean it, did you Rondach? You're just being silly again."
Anton: "Whatever. Just get back to work. Now."

Anton: "Filthy natives. Get to work. We have meals to prepare and no time to prepare them!"
Voada: "Right away, sir!"
Rondach: "Always another big meal to cook. Figures."
Anton: "Move it. Get to work. Get to work!"


Before completing the quest for the Dark Brotherhood, the Dragonborn may speak with Anton repeatedly to gain Speech levels quickly. The steps on how to achieve this are listed on the Speech skill page.