"As Riften's Steward I'm afraid I can provide only limited assistance, but speak your mind."


Anuriel is a Bosmer stewardess to Laila Law-Giver, Jarl of Riften. In her bed chambers is a note from Maven Black-Briar, condoning the incarceration of her son.


She is in a relationship with Unmid Snow-Shod, the Jarl's housecarl, as a conversation between them reveals her calling him "lover" and to "meet her in her chambers", though this is never elaborated on. She is also heard asking him if they will be meeting later for "...combat training?" with a very suggestive inflection put on the "training."



  • "Welcome to Mistveil Keep. I'm Jarl Laila's Steward, Anuriel."
  • "As Riften's steward, I'm afraid I can provide only limited assistance, but speak you mind."
  • "If you're here to report any instances of corruption, be confident that we're handling these rumors accordingly."
  • "I hope the wilds claim you, one of these days." (when in exile)
  • "I'm afraid my days as the steward of Riften has come to an end." (when in exile)
  • "Perhaps the Stormcloaks will rally to take back Riften one day. Only time will tell." (when in exile)


  • Her name means "All-Beauty" in Aldmeri Language, Anu meaning all (or everything) and Riel meaning beauty.
  • Despite being a Bosmer, her skin has a golden hue to it similar to an Altmer.
  • The incriminating letter found within Anuriel's chambers supports the theory that Riften's law system is corrupt, and reveals that Anuriel is working for Maven Black-Briar.
  • Anuriel was voiced by Colleen Delany.