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Anvil is a port city located on the southwestern part of the Gold Coast in Cyrodiil. It is found on the end of the Gold Road, west of Kvatch and Skingrad, and leads into the Abecean Sea.


Anvil only has one entrance that being the north one. The city has one large stretch of road in the city where the guilds, craftsmen, and the lake. The western side of the city is where the residents reside while the eastern side is where the chapel and the castle are located. The docks are located on the southern side of the city along with the lighthouse.


First EraEdit

Bendu Olo, was king of Anvil during the First Era. He created the All Flags Navy, which was created from many nations and countries, to defeat the threat of the Sload. [1][2][3]

After the fall of the Alessian Empire, like many Colovian cities, Anvil became estranged from the rest of Cyrodiil. The once-worthy kings of the cities became thief-barons of a forgotten covenant.[4]

Second EraEdit

Main article: Anvil (Online)

In 2E 576, after Varen Aquilarios of Chorrol and Carolus Aquilarios of Kvatch declared independence from Emperor Leovic, Count Ephrem Benirus sent the troops of Anvil to seize Varen's holdings in the Gold Coast. His forces were soon defeated by Carolus, and few soldiers of the city remained.[5] The Pirate Queen of the Red Sails, Fortunata ap Dugal, docked into Anvil's port in 2E 577. She and her army of pirates quickly captured Anvil, declaring the Gold Coast an independent region from Varen's empire.[6]

There has been sights of the Dark Brotherhood throughout the Gold Coast along with Anvil. In the Jarol Estate north of the city, Lord Quintus Jarol was assassinated. This was the beginning of many assassinations in the region. Tragedy struck again when Fortunata ap Dugal was assassinated on her balcony by the Dark Brotherhood.

Third EraEdit

Main article: Anvil (Oblivion)

Torradan ap Dugal, the infamous Pirate captain and leader of the Red Sabres, was defeated by Count Fasil Umbranox.[7]

During the Oblivion Crisis, Anvil allied itself along with the other cities in Cyrodiil to fight the Daedric forces at the Siege of Bruma.

Fourth EraEdit

In 4E 171, Lady Arannelya crossed Anvil and Kvatch into Hammerfell. In 4E 172, the Third Aldmeri Dominion advanced further into Cyrodiil, and Anvil was captured.[8] The Imperial Legion was forced to retreat, and could not retrieve wounded soldiers on the battlefield.[9]



By gameEdit



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