Not to be confused with Anya Branck.
"I'm Anya Herrick. I serve Lady Syl, and she allows me to remain protected within the House of Dementia. I'm so grateful to her."
―Anya Herrick[src]

Anya Herrick quote

Anya Herrick is a highly paranoid Imperial noble who is Lady Syl's Stewardess. Anya is fearful of the outside, and is grateful to Syl for her job which is safe indoors.


The Lady of ParanoiaEdit

The Hero can torture Anya or convince her to divulge that Ma'zaddha attempted to get her help in overthrowing Syl.

Ritual of DementiaEdit

The Hero may choose to become the Duke/Duchess of Dementia, as opposed to that of Mania. To gather more information on how to find and kill Lady Syl, they can ask Anya. With high enough Disposition, Anya will agree to help and will go further ahead to distract the two Mazken guards.