"Don't be put off by my husband's mood... He enjoys having visitors."
―Aphia Velothi[src]

Aphia Velothi is the Dunmer wife of Crescius Caerellius living in Raven Rock.


She is initially found inside Raven Rock Mine while arguing with her husband. She disapproves of his venturing into the mine, because she thinks he is getting too old.

Aphia was once a priestess at the Raven Rock Temple before Elder Othreloth banned her because of a "disagreement" over the current status of the Tribunal.

She is an Adept-level Restoration trainer and is willing to teach the Dragonborn.


  • If she is attacked, a bounty is added in Eastmarch.
  • If the Dragonborn helps her husband, she may send hired thugs after them.