The Apostles are a group of people who follow the teachings of Ciirta and believe Sheogorath is unfit to rule the Shivering Isles.


The apostles adhere to the teachings of Ciirta, an Imperial who survived the last Greymarch. At the conclusion of the Greymarch, Ciirta made her way into the throne room of New Sheoth Palace and discovered that Sheogorath was gone. She believed he fled out of cowardice, and was no longer worthy of ruling the Isles. The apostles follow Ciirta in this belief and dedicate themselvs to understanding the "light" of Ciirta. 


They are equipped with their own unique daggers and robes.


They are found in The Howling Halls, located on the Dementia side of the Isles.


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  • If the Hero has 100% Chameleon and talks to one of the Apostles, they will not speak and the subtitles will say "I HAVE NO GREETING."