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Apprentice Alembic is an apparatus in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.


Apprentice-level alchemy equipment begins to appear in vendors' inventory starting at level 6.


Apprentice-level alchemy equipment begin to appear randomly in dungeons at starting at level 5. A list of guaranteed locations is listed here:

  • Castle Chorrol Great Hall, on top of a shelf behind the throne and to the right of the display cases.
  • Dire Warren, on a table in the room where you find Traelius. There is also an Apprentice Calcinator, an Apprentice Mortar and Pestle, and an Apprentice Retort here.SI
  • Fathis Aren's Tower, outside in the large circular ruins along with an Apprentice Calcinator, Apprentice Mortar and Pestle, and an Apprentice Retort.
  • Fort Cuptor, as you enter the first room go all the way to the right and then take another right. There should be a lever with an Apprentice Alembic on a table nearby.
  • Fort Roebeck, tucked behind a bed to the right of the stairs that leads to the second room of the fort.
  • Greenmote Silo, on a table next to the pile of Greenmote in the final room. There is also an Apprentice Calcinator here.SI
  • J'zidzo's (Mania) house in Split, on a table on the top floor with an Apprentice Mortar and Pestle.SI
  • Mirili Ulven's house in Highcross, on a table with an Apprentice Mortar and Pestle and an Apprentice Retort as you enter.SI
  • New Sheoth Palace, in the Duchess' Quarters of the House of Dementia, on a table to the right of the bed with an Apprentice Calcinator.SI


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