"I am master of the arcane!"
―Apprentice Fire Mage[src]

An Apprentice Fire Mage is an enemy in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


These enemies can be found in Fellglow Keep, where they are a part of Orthorn's rebel mage group. They are also found in the vicinity of warlocks and necromancers, as well as battling Ice Mages in the wilds of Skyrim.


Hitting the BooksEdit


Out of the mages stationed at Fellglow Keep, these foes are the most dangerous. They are difficult to kill with a melee weapon, because they keep their distance from the Dragonborn, and shoot deadly blasts of fire from long range. These attacks do quite a bit of damage (unless you are a Dunmer, then the attacks are only half as damaging), and to make matters worse, they can summon Flame Atronachs, who are tough enemies to kill, and explode if you manage to do so, dealing even more fire damage if you are in melee range. If you even attempt to charge a Fire Mage to kill him with a melee weapon you are a sitting duck. They will kill you in seconds with their high-powered fire spells. Because of these reasons, they should be highest priority target in any encounter.

The recommended weapon to use against the Apprentice Fire Mage is the bow. The arrows fired inflict heavy damage, and it is best used from a long range, so you can snipe the Fire Mage to death. Because mages tend to have low health and wear robes, a single sneak attack from a bow is the best way to take them out, especially if you have high Archery and/or Sneak skill. Magic is also recommended, because of the damage it does. However, it can't reach a target from a very long range.


The Apprentice Fire Mage drops the following: