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The Apron of Adroitness is an enchanted piece of armor with fortify attributes. It is also a quest reward received from the quest A Brush With Death.


Level Base Value Weight Base Armor Health Enchantments Armor ID
1-4 1015 GoldIcon 5 WeightIcon 5 ArmorIcon 150 Health-icon Fortify Attribute: Intelligence 5 pts
Fortify Attribute: Agility 5 pts
5-9 1235 GoldIcon 7.5 WeightIcon 6.25 ArmorIcon 200 Health-icon Fortify Attribute: Intelligence 6 pts
Fortify Attribute: Agility 6 pts
10-14 1490 GoldIcon 9 WeightIcon 8 ArmorIcon 290 Health-icon Fortify Attribute: Intelligence 7 pts
Fortify Attribute: Agility 7 pts
15-19 1825 GoldIcon 11 WeightIcon 8.75 ArmorIcon 450 Health-icon Fortify Attribute: Intelligence 8 pts
Fortify Attribute: Agility 8 pts
20-24 2400 GoldIcon 13 WeightIcon 10 ArmorIcon 750 Health-icon Fortify Attribute: Intelligence 9 pts
Fortify Attribute: Agility 9 pts
25+ 3800 GoldIcon 15 WeightIcon 12.5 ArmorIcon 1100 Health-icon Fortify Attribute: Intelligence 10 pts
Fortify Attribute: Agility 10 pts
  • Base Value refers to the value without factoring the effects of Mercantile skill or NPC disposition.
  • Base Armor refers to the armor rating of the piece without factoring the effects of the appropriate Light Armor or Heavy Armor skill.


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