Aranak is a Khajiit merchant. He sells his wares at his stall, Aranak's Amenities, in the small town Karthdar in the region of Grahtwood, Valenwood.


Aranak has lived for several years in the small Bosmer town of Karthdar, offering his wares and sustaining contact between the village and the rest of the world.[1] Some describe him as a good citizen.[2] But when the villagers are looking for responsible party for the breakdown of the Green Pact it becomes evident that Aranak is still an outsider as he is immediately suspected.


Pact AdvocateEdit

Nature itself is turning on Karthdar after a violation of the Green Pact. To restore the pact between the woods and the Bosmer living in Karthdar, the culprit must be brought to justice. Aranak is one of the suspects, but repeatedly stresses that he can not break the Green Pact as he, as a Khajiit, is not even bound to it. The Vestige was asked to investigate in the matter. It is unknown whether Aranak was found guilty and suffered nature's revenge or was cleared of all charges to continue his life as a merchant.



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