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I finally arrived at the College. The Headmaster is very open to our ideas. The Khajiit and Bosmer must be kept in line. They'll need to be pliable if the Thalmor are going to use them.

This is it. The place the Heritance has been looking for. I'll write Her Majesty at once and let her know.

- - - -

Kinlady Estre informed me that she's sending a mer named Tanion to oversee the College here.

My next mission is to find a good location to store our supplies. I've heard rumors of a hidden cove that may be of use to us. Ayleid ruins once called Quendeluun.

- - - -

My things are packed and I leave for Quendeluun at dusk. If I'm successful there, my mother believes they may send me all the way to Greenshade to scout expanding prospects. I've never been off the Summerset Isles before. It should be very … interesting.


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