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An Arch-Mage, also known as Archmagus or Archmagister, is the leader of the Mages Guild, the College of Winterhold, or The College of Whispers . He or she is usually followed around by two apprentices, whom the Arch-Mage trains. The apprentices also help with research. The Arch-Mage of the Mages Guild is elected via majority vote by the Council of Mages.

Known Arch-MagesEdit

Possible Arch-MagesEdit

Morrowind's Nerevarine may have become Arch-Mage after either delivering a letter from Ocato effectively retiring Trebonius Artorius, or defeating Trebonius in a duel to the death.

Oblivion's Hero of Kvatch may have become Arch-Mage after defeating Mannimarco and his minions, succeeding Hannibal Traven, who sealed his soul inside the Colossal Black Soul Gem to protect the Hero from Mannimarco's spells. Subsequently, Caranya fell to Necromancy and Irlav Jarol died while experimenting with an Ayleid relic, leaving no other apparent candidates for Arch-Mage within the Mages Guild.

Skyrim's Dragonborn may have become Arch-Mage after Savos Aren died at the hands of Ancano, a Thalmor spy who sought to harness the power of the Eye of Magnus.


Arch-Mage is pronounced two different ways by in-game persons. It can be pronounced with -ch (ex: the word "march") or the -ch pronounced as a -k (ex: the word "mark"); the latter pronunciation is used almost exclusively by Quaranir, as well as other members of the Psijic Order and Altmers like Nirya and Nelacar.


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