Archcanon Tarvus is the leader of the Tribunal Temple in Vvardenfell. He supervises worship in Vivec City and serves the god Vivec, working from his office in the Temple Canton.


Tarvus is about 220 years old, placing him as being born around 2E 362.[OOG 1] He grew up in House Indoril, and was drawn to the words of Lord Vivec, joining the Tribunal Temple in order to serve him. When training as an acolyte, he sought to eventually become a Buoyant Armiger, but after speaking to Vivec was persuaded to choose a path as a priest. Tarvus began to constantly work hard to prove his devotion to Vivec and the Tribunal as a canon, and was chosen by Vivec to become his Archcanon, the youngest in history.[1]


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Main Quest: Divine Conundrum

"Ah, Outlander. Lord Vivec trusts too much to put his faith in one such as you, but who am I to question my God? I suppose he sent you to me so I could put you to work? Did he say which task he wants us to accomplish first?"

Lord Vivec said he needed to perform a divination ritual. "Ah, yes. We do need to perform a ritual to reveal the nature of the... phenomenon that vexes Lord Vivec. Now, listen closely. I hate to repeat myself"

I'm listening. "Despite my objections, Vivec believes you were sent to help, so I'll do my best to assist you. Go to the ziggurat that's still under construction and tell the Overseer that Lord Vivec requires the Blessing Stone. Then bring it to me in the palace."
I'll go to the unfinished ziggurat, get the Blessing Stone, and meet you at Vivec's Palace. "You receive a simple errand in the service of Lord Vivec and countless questions form unbidden in your mind. Very well. Go ahead. Ask your questions. It's not like I'm the busy Archcanon of a Living God or anything."
What's a blessing stone? "Ah, the ignorance of Outlanders! How refreshing! The Blessing Stones serve as repositories for small amounts of Lord Vivec's power. They allow his favor to permeate sanctified locations. We need such a stone to power the divination ritual."
Can't Vivec perform the ritual without the Blessing Stone? "If you haven't guessed yet, the phenomenon interferes with Lord Vivec's power in unusual ways. It will be safer for everyone if I perform the ritual by using the Blessing Stone instead of drawing on my lord's personal store of energy."
What does Lord Vivec hope to learn from the divination ritual? "Even if I told you, you wouldn't comprehend it. Lord Vivec sense eclipse those of mere mortals. Suffice it to say, he feels a disturbance in the flow of energy throughout Vvardenfell. He seeks to discover the source of that disturbance."
Vivec mentioned Red Mountain and Daedra. Do you think there's a connection? "Lord Vivec sees signs and portents everywhere. It's the poet at his core. I tend to be much more pragmatic. Sometimes a volcano is simply a volcano and not the harbinger of doom. As for the Daedra, I have no idea. Perhaps a summoning got out of hand?"
Have I offended you in some manner? "Offend me? You give yourself too much credit. No, I feel the same about all outlanders. This is Tribunal business, best handled by Tribunal resources. However, I obey my Lord Vivec. So I will tolerate your involvement and do my best to aid you."
Main Quest: Divine Inquiries

"Such displeasure and disappointment! Nothing works even though every calculation is precise. And now an interruption. How infuriating! Wait, wait. Sometimes the Great Gear turns from frustration to oppurtunity..."

Do you know anything about divine energy? "Divine energy? I'll have you know I participated in Lord Sotha Sil's Nine Analyses of the Exalted Enigmas. But we have more important matters. I'm about to determine the correlation between color and time, and I could use another set of hands."

If I help will you answer my questions? "A reciprocal exchange? Interesting, interesting. Yes, I can see the benefits of such an arrangement. Very well. Just activate the crystals in the proper sequence while I modulate the energy flow. Less chance of explosion that way."
What do you want me to do again? "Such a waste, repeating words... Activate the crystals in the proper order. It's all about the colors, like a rainbow. Make a mistake and reset the mechanism using that lever. Unless it explodes. You'd be surprised how often that happens."
All right. I'll see if I can determine the proper sequence. or Like a rainbow. Got it. "You activate the crystals. Look for pure light, not muddled. I'll modulate the energy fluctuations, make sure nothing explodes. If color confounds you, look at the shape. Fewest sides to most. But the Great Gear turns, so be quick, be quick!"
I'm still not sure I understand what you need me to do. "Good help is as rare as the legendary Last Dwemer, but a clockwork is only as strong as its weakest cog. Just work your way up the rainbow. If color isn't clear, examine the crystals. Start with the simplest shape and end with the most complex."



Notice: The following are out-of-game references. They are not found in any in-game books, but can still be considered part of The Elder Scrolls lore and are included for completeness.
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