"I'm Ardaline. I'm the guild's Advanced Trainer in Alchemy here in Bravil."

Adraline quote

Ardaline is an Altmer and a Mages Guild member who resides in the Bravil Mages Guild. She is also a Journeyman of Alchemy ingredients.

Services and waresEdit

She has 800 GoldIcon and a Mercantile skill of 40. She buys ingredients, potions, alchemical apparatus, and other miscellaneous items from the Hero but she only sells magical supplies.

She offers both her training and her bartering services. Both are available at all times except when she is either eating or sleeping.


Bravil RecommendationEdit

Varon Vamori, a male Dunmer, is in love with Ardaline. He stole her Mage's Staff, hoping to draw her attention. Realizing the depth of his blunder, he sold the staff to Soris Arenim in the Imperial City.

Seeking Your RootsEdit

If the Hero asks Ardaline about Nirnroot, she directs them to Sinderion in Skingrad.


Mages Guild "I don't like talking to people much, but Kud-Ei's helping me get over that. That's why she put me in charge of selling alchemy supplies."