Areldil's House is a residence in the Talos Plaza District in the Imperial City. This two story townhouse with a basement, is the residence of Areldil.


Areldil's HouseEdit

On the first floor is a large reception room, with a set dining table in the middle. On the right side of the entrance are a food preparation area with a food cupboard and a table with venison steaks on it. A couple of barrels and chest can also be found by the walls.

Areldil's Private QuartersEdit

Upstairs is a large bedroom with a small sitting area, a desk and a wine rack in the alcove and some cupboards and drawers. On top of the drawers is a locked leveled jewelry box.

Areldil's BasementEdit

The basement is of the larger variant of these kind of houses. It has a few barrels, chests and some sacks but not much of value to be found.