"I find myself here, at your disposal. I want to make up for the mistakes the I've made, and devote myself fully to the faith."

Areldur quote

Areldur is an Altmer crusader and priest in the Chapel of Stendarr in Chorrol.


When the Hero first talks to Areldur, he will offer new insight on the Gauntlets of the Crusader and how they ended up stuck on the chapel floor. While he does not know the full story, he does know that the gauntlets belonged to a Knight of the old order, and that he struck and killed a beggar, causing the gauntlets to fall off his hands and become impossibe to move. To make matters worse for this old knight, Stendarr cursed him and his family, a curse that lives on in his descendant Kellen.

Areldur will also state how Kellen had traveled from Hammerfell, in the hopes he could somehow lift the curse and is now living at the chapel. Talking to Kellen will confirm that he did come to see if he could lift that curse, but also reveals that he believes that Areldur is hiding something from him.

Talking to Areldur at this point will confirm Kellens suspicions. Areldur knew how to lift the curse from the beginning but has been unwilling to do it. In order for the curse to be lifted somebody else must take the curse on themselves, and how he is not strong enough to lift Kellen's curse and take it himself. He then tells the Hero how to lift the curse, reminding him what it will cost.

After Kellen is cured, Areldur will question why he is a priest when he would not even help Kellen while the Hero did so without hesitation. He will then leave the Chapel and head out searching for himself.

The next time he is seen, he will be at the Priory of the Nine. He will ask the Hero to let him join the Knights of the Nine so he may devote himself fully to the faith.

If he is knighted, he will remain at the Priory until it is time to face Umaril the Unfeathered, he will then head to Garlas Malatar and wait for the siege to begin.

If he survives the battle he will return to his duty's at the Priory and will become a Follower.