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"Pots and pans and bottles and cans. Furniture for my furniture. The trees have her. Fear's tower. Flowers and trees and birds and bees and for eyes myself invite. In the tower. In decision. In perfect Oblivion. Rest of Oblivion. Rest and death's leaper time."
―Arethan Mandas[src]

Arethan Mandas is a Dunmer who resides in Milk. Arethan was once a member of House Redoran, but has since lost not only his title, but his mind. He went insane as the news of his daughter, Delyna Mandas being kidnapped.


The Mad Lord of MilkEdit

Athyn Sarethi of House Redoran will ask the Nerevarine to go find and resolve the problems created by Arethan. Arethan will regain some of his sanity if it can be proven that his daughter is safe.


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