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Argonian Ale Extraction is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Brenuin will tell the Dragonborn that there is a rare bottle of Argonian Ale in the kitchen of the Bannered Mare and will ask for it to be stolen for him. The Ale can be found in the Bannered Mare through the left door inside the house (in the kitchen in The Bannered Mare). It is relatively easy to obtain — there is usually no one in the room, but if there is, it can be carried upstairs and taken there, where there are no witnesses. If the inn owner is a friend, the ale can simply be taken, and it will not be considered stolen. Any nearby characters will not respond with hostility, but some may say, "That was just lying around? Nice find," or something similar.



Argonian Ale Extraction – FreeformWhiterunQuest02
IDJournal Entry
  • Objective: Steal the Argonian Ale
  • Objective: Give the Argonian Ale to Brenuin
  • Quest complete


  • If you wish to keep the bottle of Argonian Ale for your personal use, it can be stolen from Brenuin after the quest is completed. With a high enough Speech skill, it can also be sold to a shop vendor (or a fence, after progress has been made into the Thieves Guild) then re-bought to negate its stolen status.
  • If you have obtained the Ebony Blade, once you have given Brenuin the bottle you can wait for him to turn around then sneak and kill him. It also helps to give him a coin to ensure his friendship. This simultaneously provides a charge for the blade and (as you are now looting it from his body) it removes the "stolen" tag from the Argonian Ale. At night, inside the arch next to Carlotta Valentia's house is the best place to do this without incurring a bounty if all Whiterun Guards are alive.

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