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Argonian Bloodwine (Hearthfire)

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For other uses, see Argonian Bloodwine.

Argonian Bloodwine is an alcoholic beverage introduced in The Elder Scrolls V: Hearthfire.



It can be used as a substitute for potions of waterbreathing and potions of resist poison.



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  • Do the Argonians make Argonian Bloodwine?

    3 messages
    • I don't think so, i think  its called that because it gives the effects resist poison and water breathing (and back in Oblivion resist dise...
    • Given the effects, it seems like it's made FROM Argonian blood.
  • Argonian Bloodwine and Klingon Bloodwine?

    2 messages
    • Hey so in Star Trek, theres something called Klingon Bloodwine. Is there a connection to Argonian Bloodwine?
    • I'm guessing the name Argonian Bloodwine is becuse its effects when it first appeared were like the Argonian racial traits, its actually made...

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