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"Ari died just inside"

Ari was a Nord hunter who was based in Falkreath.


She can be found dead inside Moss Mother Cavern. She ventured there with Niels and Valdr to kill a bear. She and Niels were killed by a spriggan, leaving Valdr wounded, poisoned and awaiting assistance to avenge herself and Niels' deaths, and give them proper burials.

Ari was also the one who originally gave Valdr his dagger, Valdr's Lucky Dagger, telling him it would bring him luck.

If Moss Mother Cavern is visited after the events of the miscellaneous Quest Hunter and Hunted, there are two small cairns outside the cave entrance. These likely represent where Ari and Niels are buried.


Hunter and HuntedEdit

Valdr requires assistance at avenging the death of his friends, Ari and Niels



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