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"I don't care what happened to him, all transactions are final, and I'm not sending you another guard. Battlemages don't grow on trees, you know."
―Arielle Phiencel[src]

Arielle Phiencel is a Breton mage who resides at the Sadrith MoraMages Guild in Wolverine Hall. She is an apprentice-ranked member of the guild, and is responsible for negotiating contracts to hire local members. She also offers a number of spells for purchase.


Staff of the Silver DawnEdit

Arara Uvulas requests that the Nerevarine find and retrieve the Staff of the Silver Dawn on behalf of House Telvanni, which is believed to be located in Sadrith Mora. Arielle is in possession of the weapon, and when asked about it she states, "I don't use it very often. I prefer daggers, myself." She can be convinced to part with it for a price.

Wizard for HireEdit

While working for the Thieves Guild, Big Helende asks the Nerevarine to hire a battlemage to protect the guild at Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub. Arielle can send Natalinus Flavonius if provided with a sufficient payment of raw ebony to be used in an experiment. If Natalinus dies while on duty she refuses to send a replacement.


Service-related stats:Mercantile skill: 10Bartering gold: 0

Spell merchantEdit

Arielle Phiencel has twenty spells available from the Alteration, Destruction, Illusion, and Mysticism schools of magic.


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