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Region Molag Amur
Type Dwemer ruin
Not to be confused with Irkngthand or Arkngthamz.

Arkngthand is a large Dwemer Ruin in the Molag Amur region. The Nerevarine is requested to retrieve a Dwemer Artifact from the ruins by Hasphat Antabolis.


Antabolis InformantEdit

Caius Cosades will ask the Nerevarine to visit Hasphat Antabolis in the Figthers Guild, in Balmora, to learn what he knows about the Sixth House.


Hall of CentrifugeEdit

Cells of Hollow HandEdit

Weepingbell HallEdit

Heaven's GalleryEdit

  • Enemies
  • Loot
    • Two Dwemer bowls
    • Three Dwemer goblets
    • Ornate dwemer mug
    • Dwemer pitcher
    • Two Dwemer gears
    • Four Crates with random loot
    • One Crate (standard) with random loot
    • One Crate (rare) with random loot

Land's Blood GalleryEdit

  • Enemies
  • Loot
    • Dwemer bowl
    • Dwemer coins
    • Three Dwemer goblets
    • Dwemer pitcher
    • Three Barrels with random loot
    • Two Chests with random loot

Deep Ore PassageEdit

  • Enemies
  • Loot
    • Dwemer coins
    • Three Dwemer gears
    • Two Dwarven barrels with random loot
    • Two Dwarven chests with random loot


  • If the Nerevarine is unable to unlock the lower levels of Arkngthand, a key may be given to them after completion of the quest Antabolis Informant, by Hasphat Antabolis. This will allow for further exploration and access to several rare Dwemer artifacts (weapons, armor, etc.).
  • Weepingbell Hall is a reference to Weepinbell from the popular video game, trading card, anime and manga series "Pokémon".


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