Armand Christophe's House is the residence of Armand Christophe and is located in the Waterfront District of the Imperial City.


The small one room house does not have much value, containing both a dining room with a bedroom and a large fireplace. There is an alcove that contains a room for a small table and chair, as well as a bookcase with a few books. An unlocked chest can also be found at the end of the room.


Finding the Thieves GuildEdit

Through this quest, the Hero will be introduced to Armand Christophe by finding a wanted poster, committing a non-violent crime, or simply going to the back garden of his house at midnight.

May the Best Thief WinEdit

The Hero will receive this quest by finding Armand Christophe in the "Finding the Thieves Guild" quest. They will be tasked with proving their worth as a thief by stealing a diary from a house in the city. However, there are two other competitors, who also wish to join the Guild.

Untaxing the PoorEdit

The Imperial Watch normally does not collect taxes from the poor at the waterfront; however, Watch Captain Hieronymus Lex has collected them this time. It is likely that it costs more to collect the taxes than the total amount of taxes received. Armand Christophe wants the Hero to take the tax money back, along with the tax records.

The Elven MaidenEdit

The Thieves Guild has a need to "acquire" Llathasa's Bust from her tomb. While the job may look simple, it has more to it then a simple theft.

Turning a Blind EyeEdit

After completing "Taking Care of Lex" and fencing 600 GoldIcon worth of stolen loot, Methredhel or Amusei appear in any major city with a message from the Gray Fox. The cowl-wearing leader resides in Helvius Cecia's House in Bruma. Methredhel can be approached directly in her house in the Waterfront District.

Arrow of ExtricationEdit

Amusei will meet the Hero in a major city, and ask them to meet the Gray Fox at the home of Malintus Ancrus in Chorrol.

Boots of Springheel JakEdit

Amusei will meet the Hero in a major city, and ask them to meet the Gray Fox at Ganredhel's House in Cheydinhal.

Cast out of the Thieves GuildEdit

The Thieves Guild has several rules (read the Thieves Guild rules). If the Hero murders or attacks their fellow thieves, they will receive a hefty fine. The Hero will also be fined for stealing from them.