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Armor indicates any type of apparel item worn about the body to protect it from harm in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.

Armor piecesEdit

Your body is protected by various pieces of armor you can find at an equipment store. They can be classified in the following manner:

Armor Piece Protects
Helm Head
Right Pauldron Right shoulder and upper arm
Left Pauldron Left shoulder and upper arm
Cuirass Chest and back
Gauntlets Hands
Greaves Waist and upper legs
Boots Lower legs and feet

Equipment effectsEdit

Your Agility (AGI) rating can change your Armor Rating (AR) rating, as can certain types of equipment. Here is a list of the equipment and its affects on your AR. Note, because of the sheer volume of magical items available, this list is not complete. It is given as a guideline when buying armor or other items. 45

Equipment typeEdit

  • Leather armor pieces -3 to your AR*
  • Chain armor pieces -6 to your AR
  • Plate armor pieces -9 to your AR
    • Remember, +’s in AR are bad, and -’s are good. The lower your Armor Rating, the better protected you are.

Metal typesEdit

Metal Type Additional Modification to Armor Rating (AR)
Iron +1 to AR
Steel 0
Silver 0
Elven - 1 to Armor Rating
Dwarven - 2 to Armor Rating


-3 to Armor Rating
Adamantium -4 to Armor Rating
Ebony -5 to Armor Rating.
  • NOTE: lower Armor Rating means better protection


Shield Type Protects Bonus
Buckler Hands, Left Shoulder -1 to AR
Round Shield Hands, Left Shoulder, Waist -2 to AR
Kite Shield Hands, Left Shoulder, Waist, Upper Legs - 3 to AR
Tower Shield Hands, Head, Entire left side - 4 to AR


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