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Armor denotes material worn about the body to protect it from damage, typically that which is inflicted by weapons such as swords, arrows, and blunt weaponry.

Types Area of protection
Helm Head
Right Pauldron Right shoulder and arm
Left Pauldron Left shoulder and arm
Cuirass Chest and back
Gauntlets Hands
Greaves Waist and upper legs
Boots Lower legs and feet

Material Type of protection
Leather Thin and light - perfect for thieves.
Chain Fairly thin and light. Cheap alternative to plate.
Iron Poor knight's armour. Heavier and more brittle than steel.
Steel The standard. Strong and fairly light.
Silver Same weight and strength as steel, but some fear to touch it.
Elven Slightly heavier and stronger than Steel.
Dwarven Heavier but stronger than Elven.
Orcish Rarely found. Heavier than Dwarven and almost twice as strong.
Mithril Lighter than Orcish, but significantly more resilient.
Adamantium A little heavier than Orcish, but twice as strong.
Ebony Very rare, heavy and almost impossible to pierce.
Daedric The refined form of Ebony, too heavy for all but the strongest.

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