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Armored Troll
Basic Info
Health-icon 280
Stamina 340
Base ID xx00D0B8

Armored Trolls are tamed trolls trained for combat that appear in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. They serve as additional infantry in the Dawnguard's crusade against vampires. Gunmar conceived the concept when fighting a troll and wondering what could be worse. The armored troll was his answer.


Armored trolls can be hired from Gunmar for 500 GoldIcon if the Dragonborn joins the Dawnguard after refusing Lord Harkon's offer at the end of Bloodline. Having a non-humanoid follower will result in Gunmar denying the sale. If an armored troll is purchased at higher levels, the Dragonborn may receive an armored frost troll.

Once hired, they will act similar to regular followers, but only accept basic commands, which are wait, follow and leave. If ordered to wait for an extended period of time, they will leave the Dragonborn's service and return to the wild. They will become hostile if attacked, but can be calmed if the weapon is sheathed.

After the completion of A New Order, a small wooden enclosure housing three armored trolls will be created in Fort Dawnguard. If the Dawnguard is joined, two will help with storming Castle Volkihar during Kindred Judgment. If any trolls are still alive after the end of the quest, they will permanently remain outside near the boat landing or inside the keep.


  • It is possible to acquire an armored troll if the Dragonborn is aligned with the Volkihar Vampires. However, to do so requires a high level illusion spell, such as Harmony or dual cast Pacify. The quest Destroying the Dawnguard must be active. Enter Fort Dawnguard and cast either spell. If the spell is powerful enough, the Dawnguard members will not be hostile and will, moreover, allow conversation and bartering. Once pacified, Gunmar will allow purchase, even with Serana as a follower. This method will also allow the purchase of crossbow bolts and spell tomes, normally available only to members of the Dawnguard.
  • When fighting against a wild Troll, it may roar at your own Armored Troll; if your (and his) level is low enough, your pet may flee and hide until the fight ends.
  • Completing all Dawnguard quests preceding Kindred Judgment will cause one of these Trolls to remain indefinitely outside of Fort Dawnguard. This troll will remain here even after Dawnguard is completed and cannot be interacted with.


  •  360   PS3   When Gunmar is asked for an armored troll, he may say that the Dragonborn already has a creature following them when they do not.


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