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The Armory is a storage room in the Imperial City Prison District for the Imperial Legion's equipment. The Imperial Dragon Armor is found here after completing the main quest.

Layout and lootEdit

A set of shelves in the southwest corner holds a legion helmet, and a Legion shield sits on the floor beside it. Two food barrels in the northwest corner sit beside a table that holds steel gauntlets and greaves, a repair hammer, two fine iron daggers, and an iron mace. Four non-respawning clutter sacks sit in the northeast corner, three on a clutter crate and another beside it on the floor.

A fine iron longsword also lies on top of the crate. The table in this corner holds a non-respawning chest that can hold random armor and weapons as well as a steel helmet and a fine iron dagger. Two pair of steel boots and an iron longsword rest on the floor between the crate and table. On both walls in this corner hang bow racks; three iron bows are hung from one, and two from the other. A weapons rack in the southeast corner holds two iron longswords and two iron war axes, and a final legion helmet hangs on an armor dummy near the southern support column.


Before the Imperial Dragon Armor is available and the Armory's doors are unlocked, entering will be considered trespassing and any items taken inside will be considered stealing. After the armor is there, however, it is open to take any weapons, books, and armor that's inside.

Imperial Dragon ArmorEdit

During the Imperial Dragon Armor quest, the heavy or light version of the entire set of Imperial Dragon Armor will appear on the table in the center of the east wall; boots, cuirass, gauntlets, greaves, and helmet.


Imperial Dragon ArmorEdit

Chancellor Ocato will speak to the Hero and will give them the Imperial Dragon Armor and the rank of Champion of Cyrodiil in the Order of the Dragon.