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Armsmen are merchants in The Elder Scrolls Online who specialize in armor and weapons. They are affiliated with the Fighters Guild, and can be found in branches throughout Tamriel.

The following is a list of all armsmen:

Name Shop Location Region Image
Agwodir Belkarth Fighters Guild Belkarth Craglorn
Aleeta Hollow City Fighters Guild Hollow City Coldharbour
Anirmelda Woodhearth Fighters Guild Woodhearth Greenshade Anirmelda
Ardorin Marbruk Fighters Guild Marbruk Greenshade
Armory Sergeant Cayliss Baandari Trading Post Fighters Guildhall
Bergama Fighters Guildhall
Windhelm Fighters Guildhall
Baandari Trading Post
Malabal Tor
Alik'r Desert
Armory Sergeant Cayliss
Armory Sergeant Fretild Windhelm Fighters Guildhall Windhelm Eastmarch
Aza gra-Birgo Sentinel Fighters Guild Sentinel Alik'r Desert
Bahara DB Anvil Fighters Guild Anvil Gold Coast Bahara
Belderi Llenim Mournhold Fighters Guild Mournhold Deshaan Belderi Llenim
Belvin Redoran Fort Amol Fighters Guild Fort Amol Eastmarch Belvin Redoran
Dunurra Silvenar Fighters Guild Silvenar Malabal Tor Dunurra
Fimaz-ra Velyn Harbor Fighters Guild Velyn Harbor Malabal Tor
Fimius Barbula - Earth Forge -
Gianon Alcaire Castle Fighters Guild Alcaire Castle Stormhaven Gianon
Glud Two-Axes Arenthia Fighters Guild Arenthia Reaper's March
Guibor Kozanset Fighters Guildhall Kozanset Alik'r Desert
Gwannas Haven Fighters Guild Haven Grahtwood Gwannas
Hafizah Wayrest Fighters Guild Wayrest Stormhaven Hafizah
Halar Cadiou Shornhelm Fighters Guild Shornhelm Rivenspire Halar Cadiou
Jarina Redfur Trading Post Fighters Guild Redfur Trading Post Grahtwood
Kalad Crosswych Fighters Guild Crosswych Glenumbra Kalad
Kamika Aldcroft Fighters Guild Aldcroft Glenumbra Kamika
Lucas Daggerfall Fighters Guild Daggerfall Glenumbra Lucas
Murotha OR Orsinium Fighters Guild Orsinium Wrothgar Murotha
Naburr Baandari Trading Post Fighters Guildhall Baandari Trading Post Malabal Tor
Neyna Davon's Watch Fighters Guild Davon's Watch Stonefalls Neyna
Nuula Seran TG Abah's Landing Fighters Guildhall Abah's Landing Hew's Bane
Omeeta Stormhold Fighters Guild Stormhold Shadowfen
Otried Shor's Stone Fighters Guild Shor's Stone The Rift
Pladina Axilla Vulkhel Guard Fighters Guild Vulkhel Guard Auridon
Runs-Across-Water Firsthold Fighters Guild Firsthold Auridon Runs-Across-Water
Samati Elden Root Fighters Guild Elden Root Grahtwood Samati
Sergeant Qasim Evermore Fighters Guildhall Evermore Bangkorai
Sgugh gra-Shagronk Hallin's Stand Fighters Guild Hallin's Stand Bangkorai
Shagareg gra-Urkub Dune Fighters Guild Dune Reaper's March
Tarir Riften Fighters Guild Riften The Rift
Vaford the Cynical Skywatch Fighters Guild Skywatch Auridon Vaford the Cynical
Vilbjorn the Wolf Woodhearth Fighters Guild Woodhearth Greenshade Vilbjorn the Wolf
Walks-Through-Fog Windhelm Fighters Guild Windhelm Eastmarch
Zaydak Rawl'kha Fighters Guild Rawl'kha Reaper's March