The Arnesian War was a war between the province of Black Marsh and the province of Morrowind in 3E 396.

Civil unrestEdit

Various houses of Morrowind, particularly House Dres and House Telvanni, had been gathering slaves from Black Marsh for hundreds of generations.[1][2] This would lead to small conflicts festering long before the war started in earnest.

Without the guiding hand of the true emperor, relations soured between the provinces.[3] During a small slave revolt a Dunmer trader, a follower of the Tribunal named Roris, was captured by Argonian abolitionists. Roris was tortured by the Argonians, who demanded the renouncement of the Tribunal, until his death.[4]

"Vengeance and justice for the martyred Saint Roris was the rallying cry of the Arnesian War"
―Tribunal Temple[src]

This act would lead to a formal declaration of war, which turned to the favor of Morrowind. Large portions of northern Black Marsh were conquered and eventually assimilated into the province of Morrowind.[2]

During the conflict General Symmachus, husband of Queen Barenziah, was killed by a mob in Mournhold. To avoid any danger to the Queen and her children, the royal party fled to the Imperial City.[5]

Long term effectsEdit

  • Large portions of northern Black Marsh were ceded to Morrowind.
    • These areas would be slowly be reclaimed following the outlawing of slavery.[2]
  • Barenziah renounced her claim on the province of Morrowind, she fled to the city of Wayrest.[2]
  • Roris, the Dunmer trader, was canonized by the Tribunal, becoming the patron saint of furnishers and caravaners.[4]