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Arniel's Endeavor

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Arniel's Endeavor
TESV Arniel's Endeavor
Quest Giver Arniel Gane
Location College of Winterhold
Prerequisite Completion of College Main Questline
Reward Summon Arniel's Shade
Faction College of Winterhold
Type Side Quest
Quest ID MGRArniel01
Arniel's Endeavor is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


This quest has four phases. Speaking to Arniel Gane of the College of Winterhold will reveal that he is working on a secret project and requires the Dragonborn's help.


Part one - Dwemer CogsEdit

Dwemer cog

Arniel will first ask the Dragonborn to find ten Dwemer cogs. Initially, he will not say what he wants them for. This quest may be started either prior to receiving "The Staff of Magnus" quest, or after that quest has been completed. After obtaining the cogs head back to the College.

  • The Dwarven Storeroom, which is located just outside Mzulft, has four inside.
  • Mzulft itself, accessed in the quest "Revealing the Unseen", has many more than ten. Some are in containers or on tables, while others can be looted from defeated automatons.
  • The Dwemer Museum in Markarth (Understone Keep) has roughly fifteen. Head right as soon as the museum is entered. There are four under a novice locked case and another ten just lying around.
  • Six cogs can be found in the Tower of Mzark. Five are behind the device used during Discerning the Transmundane. The sixth is in the room that connects to Blackreach on a shelf.

This part will become available after the "Good Intentions" quest is reached. Before that, he will not speak about the Dwemer Cogs at all.

Part two - Warped Soul GemEdit

Warped Soul Gem

After turning in the cogs to Arniel, he requests that Enthir be asked about delivering some purchased goods. After a discussion with Enthir, the Dragonborn is tasked with finding a staff (the Staff of Tandil) at a random location (some are listed below), and returning it to Enthir as payment for a Warped Soul Gem that is warped beyond the ability to be able to capture a soul.

Known locations of the staff include:

Part three - Dwemer ConvectorEdit

Dwemer Convector

This part of the quest cannot be started until the quest "The Eye of Magnus" is complete.

Upon speaking to Arniel again, it is discovered that his project is going terribly. He claims to have forgotten to take into account the heat gain and has consequently destroyed his only working model.

It is at this point that he reveals he is attempting to discover how the Dwemer disappeared "instantly, and completely" by recreating the event. The parts the Dragonborn helped recover were made into a Dwarven convector, which broke during his last attempt to recreate the event. When asked if he wants to build another, he says that he would rather have the Dragonborn find the convectors, scattered throughout Skyrim, made by the Dwarves themselves. Arniel Gane then teaches the spell required to heat the convectors (a novice Destruction spell). Three seconds burn with the spell is all that is needed to heat the soul gem. Arniel postulates that by doing this, the Dwemer may possibly be contacted again.

The locations of Dwemer convectors are marked on the map, and can be fast-traveled to.

Upon completing this part of the quest and returning to Arniel, the Dragonborn is thanked and told that the final piece will be arriving soon.

Part four - KeeningEdit

Keening Skyrim

After leaving the College of Winterhold for a few days after dropping off the modified soul gem, conversing with Arniel again will reveal that once again Enthir is giving him trouble. When Enthir is asked about it, however, he claims that this time it isn't actually his fault. He says he did not keep close tabs on this package because Arniel set up the delivery himself. Enthir suggests searching for the courier, and directs the Dragonborn to one of the following radiant locations:

Once the Dragonborn retrieves the package, which turns out to be the dagger Keening, and returns to the College and gives it to Arniel, he will give a brief monologue about what he is attempting to do, and then proceed to hit the soul gem with the dagger. Eventually, there is an explosion of energy, and his body vanishes (similar to when the Dwemer vanished after Kagrenac used Keening and the other tools on the Heart of Lorkhan) leaving the Dragonborn with a completed quest and a Conjuration spell to summon Arniel's shade.


Journal Entry
Part One

Arniel Gane has asked for help with a special project he's working on. Although he won't tell me what they're for, he wants me to bring him a number of Dwarven Cogs.

  • Objective: Deliver ten cogs to Arniel Gane

I've given Arniel Gane the Dwarven cogs he asked for, and he was quite grateful. He's suggested that there may be more I can help with in the future.

  • Quest complete
Part Two

Arniel has asked for more help with his project, though this time the request is very different. Enthir is apparently refusing to follow through on a trade; something Arniel needs for his work. He's asked that I go speak with Enthir on his behalf.

  • Objective: Speak to Enthir

Arniel asked me to deal with Enthir, who was supposedly refusing to complete a business arrangement. Enthir insists that he hasn't been paid, but will consider the deal done if I acquire a staff for him from <radiant location>.

  • Objective: Acquire the Staff
  • Objective: Deliver the staff to Enthir

I've managed to complete the trade agreement between Enthir and Arniel, and have the object Arniel was interested in. It's some sort of soul gem, though Enthir believes it to be useless. I should deliver it to Arniel.

  • Objective: Talk to Arniel

I've successfully completed a deal between Enthir and Arniel that is somehow related to Arniel's special project. He claims to be making progress, though I have no idea what that means.

  • Quest complete
Part Three

Arniel has finally revealed to me that his secret project deals with the disappearance of the dwarves, though he hasn't been clear about how his work relates to it. He's given me a warped soul gem, and asked me to find several Dwarven Convectors in the various ruins around Skyrim. I'm supposed to place the gem inside a convector, and then heat it using a spell Arniel has taught me. When I've done this several times, I should return the gem to Arniel.

  • Objective: Place the warped soul gem into a Convector
    • Objective: Place the warped soul gem into another Convector
    • Objective: Place the warpred [sic] [Do not change this to warped. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] soul gem into a final Convector
  • Objective: Heat the Convector
  • Objective: Retrieve the soul gem

I've successfully altered Arniel's warped soul gem, and should return it to him. It is somehow critical to his project regarding the disappearance of the dwarves; perhaps he'll explain exactly what he's up to.

  • Quest complete
Part Four

Arniel has once again asked me to speak to Enthir, who was supposed to deliver something else relating to Arniel's project.

  • Objective: Talk to Enthir

Arniel was convinced that Enthir was refusing to complete the trade the two of them had arranged, but it turns out that this time Enthir never received the item in question. The courier bringing the item never arrived. If I want to help Arniel finish his work, I'll need to find the courier myself.

  • Objective: Find the courier

Arniel was distraught over being unable to finish his project, believing that Enthir was refusing to complete a trade the two of them had agreed upon. Instead, the courier that was supposed to deliver the item never arrived. I've tracked him down (sadly he did not survive) and have the package Arniel wanted. I should make sure it gets to Arniel as soon as possible.

  • Objective: Deliver the package to Arniel

I've helped Arniel with the final piece of his project, by tracking down a missing courier who was supposed to be delivering an item from Morrowind. That item is Keening, a dwarven dagger that Arniel claims is very important. With it, he says he's able to finish his experiment and has asked that I observe what happens.

  • Objective: Observe Arniel's experiment

Arniel's experiment is over, but I'm not entirely sure what has happened. He has vanished, leaving behind the dagger Keening. I may never know whether he succeeded in his work.

  • Quest complete


  • Arniel's shade may appear in the College as if he were still alive; he sleeps, talks and walks around as a shade. 
  • It's possible to find the Courier before taking the fourth part of Arniel's Endeavor quest, then you have an option to give Keening to Arniel after Enthir reveals the location of the Courier.
  • Keening was a major weapon in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It was used in conjunction with Sunder to destroy the Heart of Lorkhan and stop Dagoth Ur from destroying Morrowind, or, rather, all in Morrowind who weren't Dunmer.
  • If the player collects 10 Dwemer Cogs before talking to Arniel get the first part of his quest, there is no option to ask what he wants them for, which is the dialogue option to start the quest. Instead, the option will be "I've got the cogs," and as Arniel takes them, the game announces that the "Arniel's Endeavor" quest is finished, even though it wasn't even started.


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