Arnora Auria is the girlfriend of Jorundr, who is incarcerated in the Bruma Jail. She was an accomplice to Jorundr's thieving around Cyrodiil. She wears an expensive amulet that looks like the Amulet of Kings except with a blue gem. She can be found in her house during the quest.


Two Sides of the CoinEdit

Jorundr, her boyfriend, requests that the Hero kills Arnora, takes her amulet, and brings it to him. The Hero may either choose to kill Arnora and take the amulet or talk to Arnora and obtain Arnora's True Amulet instead. If the Hero chooses to take her amulet, she will be killed later on by a guard who overheard the conversation between Jorundr and the Hero.


Bruma "I can't help myself. I'm just a sucker for well-heeled men. That Olav, for example, at the Tap and Tack. He's dreamy. And successful, too."