"May the Night Mother hold you in her cold embrace."

Arquen quote

Arquen is an Altmer assassin and Speaker of the Black Hand. During her membership in the Black Hand, a traitor had begun to randomly kill fellow members of the Dark Brotherhood.


In an attempt to kill the traitor, she and the Black Hand ordered for the Purification to be performed on the Cheydinhal Sanctuary. Believing that Lucien Lachance was the traitor, they traveled to Applewatch Farm where they killed and mutilated Lachance beyond recognition. Later, she traveled to the Night Mother's Tomb with her fellow Black Hand members to elect a new Listener. During the ceremony, Mathieu Bellamont pulled out a dagger and murdered Banus Alor and Belisarius Arius.

She and the Hero then proceeded to cut down Bellamont where he stood for his grievous insult to the Dark Brotherhood. She then took over management of the Cheydinhal Sanctuary and began recruiting new members.


Following a LeadEdit

The Hero must now travel to the city of Anvil. Once there, they should wait near the barrel behind the statue in the pond, and see who comes to set up this fake dead drop. They must then confront this person and find out why they've been tampering with the contracts.

Honor Thy MotherEdit

After Lucien Lachance's death by the Black Hand, Arquen suggests that the Hero and the remaining members meet with the Night Mother to discuss the next steps for the Dark Brotherhood. The Hero must speak with Arquen between 12 am and 3 am in Applewatch.

Whispers of DeathEdit

As the new Listener for the Black Hand, the Hero hears the commands of the Night Mother and passes them onto the speakers namely Arquen.


  • It is impossible to carry out the false Dead Drop Orders #8, as she does not appear in the game at that time.
  • Arquen stands in the Cheydinhal Santuary, with her torch all day long, without sleeping or eating. The Hero may spar with Arquen to increase their skills, if they wish to do so, but she will fight back.


Speaker of the Cheydinhal Sanctuary
Lucien Lachance 3E 433 - 4E ??? Incumbent