"It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Countess Valga of Chorrol. I wish I had time to chat, but I'm afraid I am in the middle of an investigation."
―Arriana Valga[src]

Arriana Valga is the Countess of Chorrol. Her husband was the hereditary Count until he passed. Alessia Caro, her daughter, is married to Marius Caro, the Count of Leyawiin.


Speaking with the Countess in her castle, the Hero of Kvatch might have learned that a painting of her late husband had been stolen. Although not a priceless piece of art, the painting held sentimental value, as it was the only likeness ever made of him.

Upon investigating the theft, the Hero might have discovered that Chanel, the Court Wizard and original painter of the portrait, stole it from the countess, stating that the two had an affair while he was alive, and she wanted the painting to remind her of the man she loved. The painting was then either returned to the Countess, or given to Chanel.



Chorrol "We're a mountain people, tough, independent. County Chorrol is rich in mines and timber, wool and mutton, and hard-working people."

Canvas the CastleEdit

Investigation (disposition under 50) "I'm sorry, but the investigation is a secret, and I don't trust you enough to discuss it with you."

Investigation (disposition over 50) "You seem the trusting type. Perhaps you can assist me? It seems someone has taken an heirloom that is quite dear to me. I want you to help me recover a stolen painting. The painting was of my lost love, the Count Valga, and it has been stolen from my bedchamber. If you find the painting, and bring the culprit to justice, you shall be justly rewarded. What say you?"

Yes, I'd be glad to help "Very well, I suggest you begin to gather clues. And I warn you: do not accuse the wrong person, or I shall be quite cross with you. Here are some keys. They should allow you access to many of the restricted areas in Castle Chorrol."
No. I can't help you "Very well. Then I must find someone else who can. I will do nothing else until that painting is recovered."

Accuse "When you find enough evidence, confront the person whom you believe to be the villain, and see if they will confess. I do not wish them harmed, as I want the thief to face justice."

Gather Clues "Your best bet is to speak to residents of the castle. Once you have found out all you can, search for physical clues."

"I was elsewhere at the time of the robbery, and the chamber was locked. The only other people who had access to the chamber and were unaccounted for are the court mage, Chanel and the porter Orgnolf. Don't forget to check with Bittneld, the Captain of the Guard, my Steward, Orok gro-Ghoth and my herald, Laythe Wavrick."

Castle Residents "Chanel and Orgnolf both reside in the Private Quarters section. They have been restricted to remain indoors, so they should be easy to find. You may also want to speak to Bittneld, the Captain of the Guard. He can be found on patrol in Chorrol or in the Barracks. Finally, I would try speaking to Orok gro-Ghoth who is my Steward. He resides in the Private Quarters section as well. If he isn't in the castle, he may be at the Northern Goods and Trade buying food to stock our larder."

Stolen Painting "The painting is all I have left that reminds me of the Count. I spend many a lonely night wishing that the words I speak to it will be heard and not just fall upon the lifeless pigments and canvas."

Allies for BrumaEdit

"It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Countess Valga of Chorrol. I wish I had time to chat, but I'm afraid I am in the middle of an investigation."

Aid for Bruma "While I understand Bruma's need, Chorrol's own defense must come first. I cannot spare any soldiers as long as Chorrol remains udner threat from the Oblivion Gate outside our walls."
Chancellor Ocato "As the head of the Elder Council, High Chancellor Ocato is the de facto ruler of the Empire for the time being."
Chorrol "I have warned my people to stay inside the walls and put my guard on full alert. There's nothing else we can do."

(After closing the Gate)
Aid for Bruma "Your reputation precedes you, Hero of Kvatch! You have done my city a great service by closing the Oblivion Gate. I will now gladly send soldiers to aid in the defense of Bruma. Consider it done."