Arrianus Capius is an Imperial soldier of the Imperial Legion. He is found their garrison in the Nobles District, praying to Arkay.


"Lord Arkay, guide my mace, that I might smite your enemies. Guide my steps on the path of the righteous, then give me rest at last."

Praying to the Eight Divines? "Praying? Yes, I suppose you could call it that. I'm praying for an end to this nightmare - the chance to finally put down my mace and leave this madness behind. I don't expect my prayers will be answered."
So you're just going to give up? "No, I will never give up, as long as the enemies of Arkay stalk these streets. I will smash them, one by one, until I can fight no more. I will not give up, but let's just say that after all I've seen, I'd welcome death’s respite."