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Arrille is an Altmer Trader who resides in Seyda Neen. He is the sole merchant in town and owns Arrille's Tradehouse. If his friend's ring is returned to its owner, Arrille offers a special discount on his wares and spells.


Fargoth's Hiding PlaceEdit

Arrille informs the Nerevarine that Hrisskar Flat-Foot is having financial difficulties. He suggests speaking with Hrisskar to find out if he has any tasks that need to be done.



Arrille trades in all varieties of goods, except illegal substances.

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Armor and Shields
Chitin Boots 1
Chitin Cuirass 1
Chitin Gauntlet (left) 1
Chitin Gauntlet (right) 1
Chitin Pauldron (left) 1
Chitin Pauldron (right) 1
Imperial Chain Coif 1
Imperial Chain Cuirass 1
Iron Cuirass 1
Iron Gauntlet (left) 1
Iron Gauntlet (right) 1
Iron Greaves 1
Iron Helmet 1
Iron Shield 1
Netch Leather Cuirass 1
Nordic Fur Boots 1
Nordic Fur Cuirass 1
Nordic Ringmail Cuirass 1
Shield (leveled) 2
Steel Armor (random) 3
Steel Gauntlet (left) 1
Steel Gauntlet (right) 1
Steel Greaves 1
Lives of the Saints 1
Common Pants 1
Common Robe 1
Common Shirt 1
Common Shoes 5
Expensive Clothing (random) 2
Expensive Pants 1
Expensive Shirt 1
Expensive Shoes 1
Corkbulb Root 5
Ingredients (random) 10
Scrib Jerky 5
Shalk Resin 5
Potions and Beverages
Cyrodilic Brandy 2
Flin 2
Greef 2
Mazte 62
Shein 2
Standard Fortify Luck Potion 1
Sujamma 52
Scroll of Almsivi Intervention 2
Scroll of Drathis' Winter Guest 2
Scroll of Heartwise 2
Scroll of Ondusi's Unhinging 2
Scroll of Summon Skeleton 2
Scroll of the Argent Glow 2
Scroll of Vigor 2
Scroll of Vitality 2
Tools and Equipment
Apprentice's Mortar and Pestle 1
Journeyman's Armorer's Hammer 7
Journeyman's Lockpick 5
Journeyman's Probe 2
Chitin Arrow 100
Chitin Shortbow 1
Iron Arrow 27
Iron Battle Axe 1
Iron Broadsword 1
Iron Claymore 1
Iron Club 2
Iron Dagger 1
Iron Halberd 1
Iron Longsword 2
Iron Mace 1
Iron Saber 1
Iron Shortsword 2
Iron Spear 3
Iron Tanto 1
Iron War Axe 2
Iron Warhammer 2
Silver Shortsword 1
Silver Staff 1
Weapon (random) 7

A number in the Restocks column indicates that a limited number of the item restocks.

He also has miscellaneous items such as bowls, forks, and tankards for sale.

Spell merchantEdit

Arrille has seven spells available from the Destruction, Mysticism, and Restoration schools of magic. He is the sole purveyor of the Spark spell in Morrowind.

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Spell MagickaIcon Effect(s)
Fireball 5 Fire Damage
2 to 20 pts in 5 ft on target
Frostbite 6 Frost Damage
15 to 30 pts on touch
Spark 7 Shock Damage
2 to 20 pts in 5 ft on target
Spell MagickaIcon Effect(s)
Father's Hand 5 Sanctuary
1 to 40 pts for 5 sec on self
Spell MagickaIcon Effect(s)
Absorb Fatigue 75 Absorb Fatigue
5 to 20 pts for 30 sec on touch
Spell MagickaIcon Effect(s)
Hearth Heal 13 Restore Health
20 to 80 pts on self
Jack of Trades 30 Fortify Luck
10 pts for 60 sec on self
Resist Magicka 5 Resist Magicka
10 pts for 5 sec on self