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"Want a little advice? That's free. That's ALL that's free."

Arrille is an Altmer Trader who resides in Seyda Neen. He is the sole merchant in town and owns Arrille's Tradehouse. If his friend's ring is returned to its owner, Arrille offers a special discount on his wares and spells.


Fargoth's Hiding PlaceEdit

Arrille informs the Nerevarine that Hrisskar Flat-Foot is having financial difficulties. He suggests speaking with Hrisskar to find out if he has any tasks that need to be done.


Service-related stats:Mercantile skill: 20Bartering gold: 800


Arrille trades in all varieties of goods, except illegal substances.

A number in the Restocks column indicates that a limited number of the item restocks.

He also has miscellaneous items such as bowls, forks, and tankards for sale.

Spell merchantEdit

Arrille has seven spells available from the Destruction, Mysticism, and Restoration schools of magic. He is the sole purveyor of the Spark spell in Morrowind.