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Arriving on Stros M'kai is the first quest in The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Defeat the Restless League pirates
  2. Go to the Draggin Tale Inn
    1. (Optional) Speak to Siona
  3. Speak to Tobias
  4. Speak to Dreekius

Detailed walkthroughEdit

S'rathra in WayrestEdit

After the intro to the game, a cutscene will begin.

In Wayrest, Cyrus meets with his Khajiit employer S'rathra. S'rathra tells him Tobias has sent him a letter, which he has already read. The letter says Tobias hasn't seen Cyrus' sister Iszara in months. Cyrus then tells S'rathra he has to leave, and buys passage to Stros M'kai.

The Restless LeagueEdit

The cutscene will continue and show Cyrus on the ship on his way to Stros M'kai with Captain Brennan steering. Two Restless League pirates will then swim on through the ocean and appear, attempting to steal the ship. The cutscene will then end with Cyrus drawing his sword and challenging them.

After the cutscene, the pirates will then become hostile enemies. They are quite easy enemies, as they only do 2 damage per hit. After 2–3 successful hits with a sword, the pirates will die.

Another cutscene will then begin. Captain Brennan thanks Cyrus for protecting his ship, and says he dealt with the pirates so quickly that he had no time to retrieve his sword. The other Restless League pirates will wave their fists and retreat.

Going to the Draggin Tale InnEdit

Following the cutscene, you will arrive at the docks. Tobias' letter will then be read aloud, telling Cyrus he will be at the Draggin Tale Inn. The Draggin Tale Inn is located on the eastern side of the town.

A woman can be seen passing by on the docks. Her name is Siona, and will give directions to the inn if asked.

Speak to TobiasEdit

Once arriving at the Draggin Tale Inn, Tobias can be seen by the counter. He will be happy to see Cyrus and tell him about what's going on. Among those things he will say that he sent the letter 3 weeks prior, and that no one has seen his sister. Tobias will also say he will only be in town for a short time and will be leaving soon. He will then say that the bartender Dreekius is a trusted ally and friend.

Speak to DreekiusEdit

After speaking to Tobias, a conversation with Dreekius will start. He will speak about current events and his knowledge on the situation. He will also say that the Imperials have come to the inn a few times asking about the Restless League.


  • Dreekius can be spoken to about Black Marsh. This will also bring up the Eye of Argonia, an artifact which was planned to play a role in the sequel to Redguard.
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