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Arrow of Extrication

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Arrow of Extrication
Arrow of Extrication (Item)
Base Damage:
1 DamageIcon
0.2 WeightIcon
Base Value:
0 GoldIcon
0 Health-icon
Class: Quest Item
FormID: 00022DB5
For the quest, see Arrow of Extrication (Quest).

The Arrow of Extrication is a quest item given to the Gray Fox at the end of the Arrow of Extrication quest.


It is later given back to the Hero to use in the quest, The Ultimate Heist. It is used to unlock the secret entrance to the Imperial Palace, after The Old Way.

The arrow is one of the two things the Gray Fox gives the Hero, along with the Boots of Springheel Jak. The arrow has a key-shaped arrowhead, and, once fired at the lock under the statues, opens the door to the White-Gold Tower via a fireplace inside the guards' barracks. It is recommended that the Hero takes a few practice shots before firing it and fire above where they want it to land.


  • If it is found after firing it, it will be unremovable from the inventory.


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