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For the quest, see Arrow of Extrication (Quest).
"Hmmm. I had hoped for the whole arrow, but that is not your fault. I will have to have it repaired."
The Gray Fox[src]

The Arrow of Extrication is a quest item and target item sought by the Gray Fox.


Arrow of ExtricationEdit

The Gray Fox will ask that the Arrow be recovered from the ownership of Fathis Aren. The arrow is described as having a "key shaped head" and can be found in Fathis Aren's Tower.

Upon finding it, the Hero can only find the arrow head. The Gray Fox, while disappointed, takes the head and states his intention to have it repaired.

The Ultimate HeistEdit

It is later given back to the Hero to use in "The Ultimate Heist". It is used to unlock the secret entrance to the Imperial City Palace, after The Old Way.

The arrow is one of the two things the Gray Fox gives the Hero, along with the Boots of Springheel Jak. The arrow's key-shaped arrowhead is meant to be fired at the lock under the statues, opening the door to the White-Gold Tower via a fireplace inside the guards' barracks. It is recommended that the Hero takes a few practice shots before firing it and fire above where they want it to land.


  • If it is found after firing it, it will be irremovable from the inventory.


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