Arthago was the firstborn of Queen Akorithi and the deceased King Camaron of Sentinel.[1] He was born in 3E 385 and he died between 3E 400 and 3E 405.[1] He was a prince and heir to Sentinel. Due to his poor health, his parents decided that he could not and would not sit on the throne of Sentinel.[2] When he turned 15, he was taken to a dungeon in Hammerfell.[1]


For several months before his brother Lhotun's birth and over three years afterward, Arthago was in the throes of a very serious fever. The doctors despaired of him, but somehow and very, very gradually, he recovered. For the first time, and the last, he read an expression on his father's face that was not indifference; it was disgust.[1]


In 20th Morning Star 3E 400, Shavke was seized by men he had never seen while he was having a walk. His norsemaid stood by watching placidly as he was gagged and tied and thrown roughly into a sack. He did not know how long they rode with him, but he was eventually left at a ruin in Sentinel, where he would later die.[1]


  • In The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, Arthago's name and ruin is actually randomly generated. His name is confirmed as Arthago however by the book Night Falls on Sentinel, which is not randomly generated and is found in the later three games. He also may be found as "Vact" or "Shavke." The ruin he is found in is also randomly generated, although no ruin name was given in Night Falls on Sentinel.