Artifact of Power is a Knight Order quest available in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.


"Rumor has surfaced as to the whereabouts of an ancient artifact of power. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Are you up to it?"
―Quest giver


  • Speak with a Knight Order quest giver.
  • Head to the named dungeon.
  • Head to the town which the Witch named.
    • Take the Witch's great granddaughter from the Palace.
  • Give the Witch her great granddaughter.
  • Head to the dungeon named by the Witch.


Once the Hero has joined a Knight Order in High Rock, they may take quests from one of the Order's various quest givers. One quest offered to them is to find an object of power, though the Hero will be sent to a witch hidden within a dungeon, should they choose to accept this quest.

Heir to the WitchEdit

The Witch can be found part way into the dungeon. She will tell the Hero that she knows the location of one of three legendary items (either Auriel's Bow, Auriel's Shield, or the Lord's Mail"). However, the Hero must kidnap her great granddaughter from her parents in a nearby palace, for the Witch has no heir and the parents are ignorant of the child's heritage.

Kidnapping a childEdit

The Hero will be directed to a town with a palace. The child will be found on the floor close to the entrance and the Hero must pick her up and whisk her away. The Hero will then be pursued by Battlemages, Knights and Warriors from the Town to the dungeon. Once the child has been handed to her great-grandmother, the Witch will tell the Hero the location of the artifact.

Aged artifactEdit

The Dungeon the Witch points the Hero to will be littered with rusty equipment. Picking up the equipment is the only way to tell if the Hero has found the specified artifact (by using "info mode" by pressing F3). If the Hero picks up the artifact, they will receive a message telling them that they have completed the quest.


  • This quest can be obtained several times (allowing the Hero to obtain all three items).
  • The time limit for the quest only applies during the kidnapping phase.
  • The Witch is a member of the Glenmoril Coven.
    • She can summon an aspect of Hircine if the Battlemages, Knights and Warriors chase the Hero into the dungeon.