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When these Nords showed up, I thought for sure they were here to start trouble. But then they decided to hire me and other members of my clan to work on their cave complex. Well, as long as the gold keeps flowing, this Orc has no problem working for the priest and his followers—even if I do find them all to be kind of creepy.

* * *

I've never carved such intricate bas-reliefs before. It's been quite a challenge, telling a story across a number of sculpted panels. But the priest was quite adamant about what he wanted me to depict, so I did my best. He was even open to a few suggestions I made to improve the storytelling.

* * *

Nearly done with this job. I'll be glad to be done with this place. The work was interesting and the pay was good, but once I found out we were actually building a burial chamber, I started to have second thoughts about my involvement. My clan was never comfortable with the dead. And the priest, he makes me nervous. He has a strange look about him. But I'm pretty proud of what I was actually able to accomplish with the stone. If all goes well, I'll be finished with my portion of this project tomorrow. Then I can head home.

* * *

At the last moment, the priest demanded I craft four smaller versions of the large bas-reliefs I just completed. After some negotiation, I was able to convince him to let me use one interesting aspect of each bas-relief panel. He has his followers building some sort of clever locking mechanism. Dwarven nonsense, if you ask me, with weights and buttons and all. He wants the smaller panels for this new device they're installing.

* * *

Some of the other Orc workers mentioned they heard stories of tombs like this getting built in Skyrim. Said that the workers were eliminated when the job was complete in order to protect the secrets of the tomb. Sounds like a bad hearth-wife story to me.