"Ah... you must be from the Fighters Guild. Good. I have a problem. It has to do with the rats in my basement."
―Arvena during the quest "A Rat Problem"[src]

Arvena Thelas is a Dunmer living in the city of Anvil. She plays a role in the first Fighters Guild quest, in which she wants to know why her pet rats she keeps in her basement are dying and for the problem to be fixed.


A Rat ProblemEdit

The Guild had been asked by Arvena Thelas to take care of a rat problem in her basement. The Guild believed it was to clear out the rats, but the Guild member sent soon discovered that they are actually defending them. She told the Guild member to go to Pinarus Inventius. Pinarus and the Guild member found some mountain lion near Anvil's main gate. The Guild member returned to Arvena and she told him/her that another lion was in the basement. After the Guild member killed the lion, Arvena suspected that the Argonian Quill-Weave was behind the mountain lions. Later at 8 pm, the Guild member found a hole in Arvena's house and saw Quill-Weave putting some meat at the back. The Guild member spoke to Quill-Weave and admitted that she hated Arvena's rats. She stopped putting meat down and the Guild member reported back to the Fighters Guild leader, Azzan and he rewarded him/her with some gold.