"Sorry, I'm afraid I can't help you much right now... I'm currently in mourning."
―Asgeir Snow-Shod[src]


Asgeir Snow-Shod is a Nord warrior residing in the city of Riften. He works at the Black-Briar Meadery, where he serves as a business partner. He is a member of Clan Snow-Shod.


Asgeir, along with the other Snow-Shods, mourns the loss of his younger sister Lilija, who was a Stormcloak battle-maid. His known relatives are Unmid, his brother, Nura, his mother, and Vulwulf, his father. He is currently engaged to Vittoria Vici, as the result of an arrangement between the Vicis and Snow-Shods. He is also notable due to his status as Maven Black-Briar's business partner. He works at the Black-Briar Meadery during waking hours, and is typically found in his office there.


Bound Until DeathEdit

The Dragonborn is contracted to kill Vittoria Vici at her own wedding. Asgeir is the groom at said wedding. If the assassination is witnessed, he will most likely attack the Dragonborn. If the crime is not witnessed and the guests have stopped searching, it is possible to speak to him afterward. Not surprisingly, he will not be in the mood to say much.

If he is killed before Vittoria, people in the wedding will react to the event. If he dies a coffin will be in the Riften Hall of the Dead containing his things.

It is possible for Asgeir, along with Vulwulf and Nura, to be killed in the general confusion and panic following Vittoria's assassination. Whether triggered by friendly fire or hostility between the Snow-Shod family and the guards, a fight may break out causing the citizens of Solitude (including Jarl Elisif) to chase and kill the entire family.



  • "You've caught me at a bad time. I've lost someone dear to me."
  • "Any man should be so lucky. I know my father's not happy about me marrying an Imperial, but that's his problem."