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Ash Guardian

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Ash Guardian

Ash guardian
Level 30
Health-icon 601
MagickaIcon 197
Stamina 247
Spells/Abilities Ash Spray
DamageIcon 35
Base ID xx01AAAF

An Ash Guardian is a summoned Daedra found in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.



  • Ash Guardians shoot a blast of ash at enemies as a medium-ranged attack, similar to the Steam Attack of a Dwarven Centurion. If the Dragonborn gets too close, they will cast a flame explosion. Its movement, mannerisms, and melee attacks are similar to a Storm Atronach. Ash Guardians will not flee from combat, regardless of their health status.


  • When properly conjuring an Ash Guardian using a Heart Stone, the Ash Guardian won't follow the Dragonborn like other Atronachs. Instead it will be bound to the rune that is placed when the Guardian is conjured.
  • Ash Guardians are similar to Thralls, in that they do not have a summoning duration. They will only disappear when defeated in combat.
  • Summoning an Ash Guardian without a Heart Stone in the inventory will cause it to be "unbound" and thus hostile to everyone around it.
    • If an "unbound" Ash Guardian is summoned it will not be considered as the Dragonborn's conjured creature, thus summoning another creature will not cause it to disappear.


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