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"The "ash vampire" of Ashlander legend is not undead. Sorceries and blessings affecting the undead reportedly have no effect on these creatures. No specimen has ever been examined, and no references have ever linked these legends with the known clans of Tamrielic vampires"

Ash Vampires are a type of enemy in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Ash vampires are immortal magical beings of vast powers. Close kin and loyal lieutenants of Dagoth Ur, they partake in his supernatural vitality. Ash Vampires appear as gray skinned, red eyed thin humanoids, with clawed hands and with what appears to be a third eye in the center of their foreheads.

There are seven Ash Vampires throughout Vvardenfell:

  1. Dagoth Uthol, the weakest of the seven; resides in Charma's Breath in Kogoruhn. He can be found, either by going through the backdoor entrance within the Ghostfence, or through the main building of Kogoruhn. During the main quest, it is likely that the Nerevarine will encounter him during their search for the Shadow Shield.
  2. Dagoth Endus is located within the Dwemer Ruin of Endusal, in Kagrenac's Study.
  3. Dagoth Tureynul is located at the Dwemer ruin of Tureynulal, within the Ghostfence in the Red Mountain region. He is found in the main area.
  4. Dagoth Odros is located at Odrosal, and he guards the Keening artifact. He is stronger than the previous Ash Vampires. He must be confronted during the Main Quest.
  5. Dagoth Vemyn is located at Vemynal, and he guards the Sunder artifact. He must be confronted during the Main Quest.
  6. Dagoth Araynys is the only Ash Vampire found outside the Ghostfence area; and is the most powerful of the order. He is located at Mamaea.
  7. Dagoth Gilvoth is located within the Citadel of Dagoth Ur, along with Dagoth Ur himself.



  • Despite being "vampires," they cannot infect the Nerevarine with vampirism.
  • Each time an Ash Vampire is defeated, Dagoth Ur may be weakened.
  • Most of the named Ash Vampires reside in settlements with names similar to their own.


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